Meshcap is dedicated to the caps and the people who wear them.

Meshcap is dedicated to the idea that communication is valuable. And not just thoughtful, constructive, polite communication, but all expression, no matter how insignificant, muddled or downright pornographic. This site aims to advance just this kind of expression, and in a way no one can ignore.

Meshcap is dedicated to eclipsing what now passes for apparel-based speech. To replacing mass-marketed brand images with their opposite: insignia of defunct organizations, cryptic titles, gutsy social commentary and expressions of pure thought.

Meshcap is dedicated to the personal exchange of messages. Messages created on a neighborhood scale, for an audience within spitting distance. Messages that fill in the gaps between ourselves and others. Messages that involve people in conversations they don't necessarily consent to join, but that are too compelling to avoid.

The Medium Is the Mesh.