Prescribing how to wear a mesh cap is like limiting the definition of the word Freedom, but there are conventions which can help mesh wearers put their best foot forward.

1) Wear it HIGH. A high-sitting mesh cap takes advantage of the ingenius air circulation mechanism inherent in the design. Warm air is directly ventilated from your head, much as if you're wearing a visor, YET YOU ARE STILL WEARING A HAT. Wearing a mesh cap low and tight in the style of a baseball cap calls you out as confused at best and a poseur at worst.

2) Wear it FORWARD. If there's one thing wishes to reinforce, it's that mesh caps talk and you want people to listen. Wearing it backwards says you are a) embarassed about your hat's content, or b) a refugee from some rural frat house.

3) Never destroy a mesh cap. Much as we shun burning the flag or knocking over a grave stone, we should strongly resist wrecking or prematurely retiring a mesh cap. Mesh caps should be handed down from generation to generation, so maintain your caps as if they will be worn by your great-granddaughter at her wedding. If the plastic closure breaks or disintegrates, for godsake TAPE IT.