Scott of Modesto, CA shows us how far we really are from our dream of a truly mainstream, approachable mesh cap community. But who cares when "psychotic" looks this good?


A charmingly bizarre bit of Americana, courtesy of "youngTOUGH," modified for him by his punk rock mum.


Two pics courtesy of Mr. Frank and company of Finland. Are they mocking us, or what? Not that we don't deserve it...

* * * *

The Community Forum proudly presents a selection of classic images documenting the epicenter of the mesh-back cap movement, Iowa City, Iowa, during its early 80s heyday. All images courtesy of the Craig Lee Phillips Center for Forensic Scatology.

Excerpted from the exhibit, "Tall Boys, Loose Women and Whippets: America in the Age of the Dirt-Cheap Buzz."


A couple of mesh-clad A.V. geeks play with their equipment.


A blitzed, belligerent man at a trailer park bar in Nowheres-ville, WI.


Farmhand and one-time Chippendale dancer Mike C. surveys his collection at home in Lake Oswego, OR. Of his customized AC/DC cap, Mike insists, "on a scale of 1 to 10, AC/DC is always a 12." ROCK ON!


These unidentified mesh fashionistas show off proper ponytail management techniques as they scout for hot meshcap guys. None were spotted.


Swashbuckling island-hopper Travis O. caught this fleshy Mesh fashion-plate wearing only a skimpy mesh cap and a big, black diaper.


Powerfully sympathetic portrait of an unknown mesh elder. Notice the care with which the artist has rendered the subject's splayed ears and hopeless befuddlement. Textbook mesh.


Some sentiments are just better said with mesh.


Sharpshooter Sarah "Mesh Potato" Creedon didn't let driving interfere with snapping this rear-dash mesh manifesto.


Thom Myall—Meshkateer, fire fighter, Californicator. See his magnificent caps up close and personal in the HATS section.


Faux-aged, pre-stained mesh cap made by a skateboard apparel company. So unspeakably lame, it makes us sick to our stomachs. "Real" indeed.


Poor color coordination, you say? On the contrary, this swank mesher has chosen his whole ensemble to ensure the hat looks amazing.


This man is truly living the mesh lifestyle.

Gordon Andrus. Canby, OR. Fortified by a steady diet of mesh.



If you got it, flaunt it!


A useful hat evolution chronology in which mesh plays a small but significant role.