My love is fading
Hair becomes greyer daily
Your colours still bright.


Smells like vinegar
Cost one dollar seventy five
Hand wash you at home.


Short brim, no rope bits
Sitting atop a tea pot
hand embroidery.

-Nails of Melbourne



He would not wear one
Twill only, too good for mesh
He thinks. But not me.


There is no free lunch
But the hand-out logo'd cap
Is ubiquitous.


"Boar Power" here is legendary.
Once free, too.
I long for times past.

-Shelley Rivers, DDA



Mesh is erotic
I love the shiny nylon
Don't forget the foam


The shiny bill-braid
Separates the bill and foam
Festooned on my dome


Loud plastic clicking
Cold metal button on top
Lost its cloth cover .




The void rises and falls
as my woven halo reads
Bighorn County Fair


This fly seeks a moment
of respite on my mesh cap.
The short night.


A breeze moves slowly
through the brilliance of her


Two commerants stand
fishing the shallow waters.
Screen printed cap front.

-Scott Q. Christy



one hundred degrees
it is hot outside indeed
thanks ventilation


one thing on my mind
thank god mesh can talk for me
i don't talk so good


pickup truck with rack
open PBR in hand
my mesh completes me .

-Admiral Jamie Parker



Birds fly over head
Chocolate bombs about to fall
Thank God for the mesh


Sweat drips from my cap
Feeding spaghetti to him
In the heat of the bus station


Even in my dreams
The ranch hands all have large heads
None with a Stetson


Brims may come and go
But the woven plastic badge
Defines my being.

-Craig "Philly" Phillips



My Grandpa wore one.
Genetics should end here, now!
No such fucking luck.


I love venison.
Mesh damn well ain't bulletproof.
Hunting accident.


Drank my Budweiser
Got into my pickup truck
Mesh ain't no seatbelt.

-Aram "Aggro P" Peterson



found you in detroit.
you had a rainbow in front,
and a perfect brim.

-ClarkWay "Wu Wei" Eagling



Foam wall like wave's crest
Mesh net cast over balding scalp
He is the captain

-Christopher Burke



blue foam upon me
blue mesh cooling as i go
blank, my hat is mute

-Jason G.



Her cap draws my eye.
Her mesh homogenizes
my urgent craving.


You shade my dear eyes,
let the wind across my scalp,
and give voice my song.

-Carl W., 2002 Mesh Poet Laureate



Polyesther crown
ten thousand taunts assail you
yet you ride so high.


Broad, sunburned features
shuffling from the bar to the loo
hat says, "Mustache Rides."